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Dreams are weird and fascinating things. Everyone virtually has some dream experience, we all have unique experiences. Some dreams are recurrent in large numbers of people. There is all kinds of intriguing stuff to look into when you get into some of the different aspects of dreams. Real life obviously plays an influence in our dreams, but what else? Some dreams seem seem to inexplicable and bizarre to have come from anywhere in particular. Some people have a hard time remembering dreams, others can remember them with some ease. Dream journaling is popular with some and may help one remember their dreams. If you observe enough in your dreams you can find some interesting tidbits and patterns that form for unknown reasons.

I’ve personally always found dreams to be fascinating. I’ve pondered my dreams meanings. Some I feel I can pinpoint what they mean, others leave me dumbfounded. There’s a frustration sometimes as to whether a dream has a meaning, but there’s also a beauty to the mystery and surreal nature of many dreams. I find it fascinating that our mind’s have the ability to create these worlds and narratives from our sub-concourses and anxieties, fears, desires, and conceptions of the world of our lives. I enjoy the lack of control of dreams, but sometimes I wish that there could be more control harnessed. There is a thing called lucid dreaming, but it’s hard to achieve. Occasionally I become aware I’m in a dream, but alas the dream often collapses shortly after that. Becoming aware seems to do something to your mind where it makes it hard for the dream to continue.

I find the most enjoyable dreams to be ones that tell a good story, usually ones with a sense of adventure or ones with old friends. Although sometimes enjoyable memorable dreams they may be few and far between. I also really like driving in dreams, its just so quick and easy and smooth, especially compared to reality. What is your favorite thing to do in dreams?

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