Reflections cause reflection

The world of digital content is one I’ve long known I wanted to dabble in. I wasn’t sure when or how to do that. Setting up the blog for the class “Topics in Digital Rhetoric” has pushed me and put me in a position of having a competent understanding of rhetoric, content creation and digital identity.


I feel I’ve come a long way as a content creator and rhetoric since my first blog post. I’ve become more conscious of rhetoric and content being all around. I’ve come to utilize concepts like kairos. I’m now more adept at identifying and utilizing how image and text can work together and play off each other. I’ve become a content creator and a better writer than I was before. I now have a better awareness for how things communicate to audiences and how audiences interact with digital content. I also feel now like I have a more keen eye for marketing and branding, weather it’s oneself or an idea.

Deadlines have helped me to work at a quicker pace and be more decisive with my creativity. I’ve blogged in the past, bit I’ve sputtered with ideas and with how to channel my creativity while having some semblance of structure. This blog has helped me to understand how I can have a structure and communicate to an audience effectively while fulfilling myself in a creative sense.

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