It’s fascinating that as strange and bizarre as our dreams are, there are widespread recurring dreams that are had by so many people. Many of the dreams we have are inexplicable even to ourselves in any articulable way. It seems to be common knowledge that certain dreams are common (falling, etc). I found it fascinating that so many dreams are commonly recurring and stunned by the percentage numbers of people who experience various recurring dreams. Our brains are all different, but data like this seems to suggest we’re all cut from the same cloth a little more so than we might think (or want to think).

Here is a digital Story that briefly explores some ideas behind all of these shared recurrent dreams.  From a philosophical and psychological standpoint  it is interesting to explore this aspect of dreams conceptually. Maybe the reasons we share some manny common dreams isn’t as that complicated, despite how much it may be bemusing. (all images are public domain/fair use)

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