Before composing this digital story, I had several ideas. Many of them seemed abstract and impersonal. I settled upon “Begin Again”, the name ties into my site name and is a concept I obviously am interested in. I thought this may be an opportunity to help brand the site’s identity for future use. My intentions were to make a philosophical piece in which I could express some of my ideas. I was invested in the concept thinking that the idea was very abstract and impersonal. During the process I discovered that my philosophical ideas had more power than I imagined and could be seen as deeply personal in a mysterious way through my perspective and presentation. It’s a cliche but less really is more often in storytelling. Sparse use of narration and my deliberate choice to exclude music evokes and carries an emotional element to the story that I wasn’t sure was articulable. The element of voice over was in particular important because of how it compliments the representative imagery selected. The rough cut helped me find the footing of what the piece truly was. The feedback I got seemed to indicate viewers want to know more but are also charmed by the mystery. This helped me focus the story as a process driven, mysterious,melancholic, philosophical piece with optimism that has reflections of my personality. In hindsight it largely represents what I truly wanted it to be and contains an aesthetic that I hope to continue and build on in my future works.