A Compound Journey

My digital story shows my journey walking from my house to my grandparents house. Most of the dad’s side of my family (including aunts uncles and cousins) lives on a 40 acre piece of land. The land has been in the family for many decades and has become known among the family as “The Compound”.

I’ve spent my whole life living on The Compound. It was and still is a peaceful majestic place and was a wonderful place to grow up. Whenever passing through any part of the land many memories of childhood fun, and family come to mind easily. Although I’ve walked the path to Gran and Papa’s house countless times in my life, this is only the second time I’ve been out there since my grandmother passed away a few months ago. My grandfather passed away 16 years ago, The Compound is not the same without them. Still majestic, just different.

2 thoughts on “A Compound Journey

  1. Hey Jacob, great post. Really enjoyed all the visuals, transitions, and nature. Looks like an amazing place to grow up.

  2. Ok Jacob I think it is hilarious how we both refer to our families land as compounds. Whenever I introduce a new friend I always say, “ok so this here is the compound, that is my cousins house, that is my grandparents house, and that is my house”. I liked your video and I feel like the music really fit the visuals.

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