Content is Evergreen and Ever Spreading

Digital content at its core is just about anything that is published digitally that can be consumed.  Content may be thought of initially as articles or a blog post,but content has countless forms. Video,images, surveys, tweets, podcasts, interviews,  and info-graphics are just a few forms of content that allows creators to express themselves, market themselves (or products), or spread information.

Different forms of content can compliment each other if a particular brand or campaign uses them in such a way.How text and image are juxtaposed and used at once in various mediums can make a difference in how the content is perceived. Content can lead to more content, and to more branding opportunities. Content can be used in small or large doses (or small doses put together to tell a story. Stories universally are a good method to draw people in, if the subject and storytelling capitalize it can ignite an audience.

Digital content is alo interactive. Not only may creators modify their content based on audience consideration, but things such as social media and comment sections allow the creator to directly interact with the audience.

A good example of complementary content creation is The Gregory Brothers. They have two Youtube channels. They are slightly different variations of their brand, but they compliment each other, with they way feature their content. They also frequently interact in the comment sections  of their videos and engage and compliment their brand by tweeting. Their complementary use of various forms of content leads to more content and furthers their brand effectively.


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