A lot of things go on while we are dreaming. If you think about it at any length there various idiosyncrasies, many of these seem completely random. There is much randomness but there are also many weird elements that recur and form patterns.


Technology Does Not Function 









Weather it’s a cell phone, computer, or something as mundane as a light switch technology does not seem to function in my dreams. I’m not alone in this theory. Specifically I can also recall volume switches on stereos/radios never seeming to work, and clocks reading something not understandable or something like 4800:00. I do have some dreams where i take on the phone (though most of those take place using an old school landline).

You Can Never Relax








It seems there’s always a sense of urgency or dread in dreams. There can be paranoia or excitement, but whatever it is in dreams emotions seem magnified.  Even in dreams that are somewhat low-key and the subject/atmosphere is pleasant it seems like there’s always something to do or something happening and thus I can’t just relax.

Sometimes Dreams are in Third-Person









This trait far far more common when I was a kid, but from time to tie it still happens: I see myself doing things in the dream. The fact that I can see myself while still feeling the experience of what is going on around me should be a red flag that I’m dreaming, but for in dreams we accept strange things.

Time Flys in Dreams









Time can be rapid in dreams. Hours worth of happenings seeming take place in what seems like 30 seconds. I’m sure i’m not the only one who has had dreams that took place over several weeks, months or even years. Time is almost always a fluid entity in dreamland.

The Furniture/Decor is always re-arranged








The locations in dreams are often familiar places, but with a twist. It seems there’s different furniture in my house in my dreams. Does this make me realize I’m dreaming? Of course not. One time I dreamed that my aunt’s house had cave walls (like in the house), but in a dream things like that become the norm.

One Place turns into Another







Sometimes one place naturally flows into another (even if there is no logic to it). Sometimes you close your eyes or look away and once place has merged or become another place, but in dreams we accept this.

You Never Know how you get There.








In a dream you’re basically dropped into the middle of a bizarre situation without notice or context. It’s fascinating that in dreams we’re cast into the middle of situations from nowhere or darkness, yet we really don’t investigate why or how we got there.

Dreams Empower Boldness








Weather it’s pursuing positive things or dealing with confrontations I feel in dreams I’m much bolder and more aggressive than real life. I’m more likely to pursue what I want, but I’m also quicker to react to negative things/people. There’s probably a point a psychologist would make somewhere in here.

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