I first got the idea to keep record of my dreams a couple of years ago. In part I wanted to better remember my dreams, and in part because I found it fascinating to reflect upon patterns and other observations that can be made. I was also inspired by the Richard Linklater film “Waking Life” which has an interesting portrayal of dreams.

Here’s a compilation of some of the dreams I’ve experienced over the past 18 months or so. Dream journaling helps me remember dreams. Reflecting upon my findings it’s interesting the different kinds of dreams we have, and recurring elements. In dreams we often accept weird realities and premises that do not have justifiable explanations (Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s Car, A van, Aa plan, Search Party). We go on journeys and have goals that are present but completely inarticulatable (Search Party, a Van, a Plan). Worlds and places literally collide and connect and time is fluid (What Year is it?). Of course occasionally you do get dreams that are less bemusing play out just as things do in real life (Vacation).

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